Red Team Match/ Day Report 9th April


Red Team Match/ Day Report 9th April

By James Seller and Pavel Zmuda

After a very nice breakfast we set off on the minibus to play Plymouth A. A team which beat Gloucester A. We watched and supported the Blue team play Potters Bar B. They won 4-1. After the blue team finished their game it was our turn to play the game. Unluckily Pave got injured so Josh had to go in goal. We raised the bar even higher. I think we played the best football we have ever played for district. After a great team performance by everyone. Matt and Kai both scored brilliant headers and Joe C scored a cracker after a great cross from Alfie. When the ref blew the final whistle we were all proud of our performance. We got the first win in Jersey and it was against an A side.

After a great game against Plymouth. We had a trip to the best Zoo I have ever been to. First of all we saw giant bears eating the grass and then the family of Gorillas. We even saw an eye-eye which was thought to be extinct, people even thought it was a cat, a squirrel, or even a lemur. We saw Otters eating fish and another otter just taking the food out of its mouth with his own hands. When we finished exploring we went to a little shop. I bought my sister something for her, some eggs (chocolate) and seagull poop which was raisins in chocolate. When we got back we had a brilliant dinner. Bavdzo się tiátuj podabato. By Spiderman


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