Red Team Match/Day Report 6th April


Red Team Match/Day Report 06th April

By Matthew Adam and Ethan Taylor

We started at a thrilling match against St Albans where we dominated the whole game. It all started when Joe Cotton, who was bought down in the penalty box and given a penalty, put the ball calmly into the bottom right hand corner. For the rest of the half we dominated and played by far the best football we have done for a while. Unfortunately they score early on in the second half. Finally we scored a well earned goal to put us ahead again. But unfortunately they scored late on and it ended in a draw we were gutted.

For lunch there was 8 roast chicken and 2 lasagne. For desert we had cheesecake or Ice Cream or a piece of fruit. After we went to a rocky beach it was awesome everyone enjoyed climbing and Pavel (GK) was some sort of Spiderman when it came to climbing. We all went into some rock pools and then we went back for a nice meal. We had Pork steak which was nice and Ethan had a stuffed pepper.

Note from Matthew, he says he did all the work on this, Ethan wrote the stuffed pepper line!


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