Reds Match Report – 5th April Tuesday

Reds 4th April Match and Day

We knew we were in for a hard game on Tuesday. We absorbed a huge amount of pressure in th first 10 minutes orf the first half. But we managed to snatch 2 goals thanks to a peached goal by Jake and a fantastic goal from Jack. After all the hye in the first half we conceded a sloppy corner and the pressure was back on. They then scored a hammering second goal and we had settled for a draw. Jake had made some great saves throughout this game and was making more great saves.But a 50-50 foul was given against us on the edge of the area they took the freekick and we were 3-2 down. We put up a good game adjacent a brilliant Plymouth side and we went out disappointed but proud.

In the afternoon we went to the beach and did some rock climbing. After that we headed to the park and had a great time playing hide and seek . After that fun at the park we headed to the hotel swimming pool. We headed back to our rooms to get ready for dinner. We were all tired after out busy day and we will sleep very well.

Callum and Jack


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